Empower Students with...

Engaging Education! Yes! You can home-school K-12!

Raising our future generation!

Do you ever ponder the thought of desiring more for you children's education?

Do you see inspiration or a lack of motivation?

Have you ever heard the Trivium or Christian Classical Education?

Right now is the perfect opportunity to understand what is a Classical Conversations Community and here are some reasons Why WE BELIEVE….

Every child can achieve greatness!

The classical model ignites inspiration.

The C.C. curriculum is rigorous enough to equip in all areas of life.

The importance of building relationships as we encourage each other.

At Classical Conversations our vision is to "Know God and Make Him Known." The children are our next generation of future leaders. We want to have our children engage and discover the truths within the subjects, all are woven together and allows us to see Christ in the core of it all!

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When you visit our website you can check out the calendar for various information meetings throughout the year!