Internet Safety

A Guide to Online Safety

General Safety

Most of you think you know your way around the Internet, but you probably don't. That's where this flyer comes in. This flyer is here to help you around the web. The following info will help you with any problem you might have. That is if you have any problems.

Safety from Hackers

As you probably know, there are some people who hack into other people's accounts. These hackers can get to almost anybody's account, including your's. The usual way they can do it is through clickbait. We will talk about clickbait later. The best thing to do is to avoid clickbait and online forums.

Safety from Clickbait

Clickbait, which we mentioned before, is usually an ad that want's to get your attention and have you click on their column or advertisement. Clickbait is commonly used by hackers to access other people's accounts. From there, hackers can access your documents, apps, etc. Most people find out that they have been hacked when they notice some files or apps have changed a little. Before it's too late, avoid clickbait by don't clicking on it.

Safety from Identity Theft

Identity theft is usually when a hacker accesses your personal data, erases your's (thus stealing your data), and assumes your personality. The hacker can then repeatedly access your files while masquerading as you. The best thing to do is to avoid unwanted and unnecessary ads. That way the hacker can't get to your data. There are also computer programs to help you keep your data safe.

Safety from the Black Market

You may or may not have heard of the Black Market. The Black Market is pretty much a smuggling ring and a place to sell illegal and bootleg items. You want to avoid them at all costs. They can entice you with clickbait so you will possibly buy something. in order to avoid them, just don't click on clickbait.

Safety from the Dark Side of the Internet

The Dark Side of the Internet, or the Deep, Dark, Web, is the area of the Internet commonly affiliated with hackers, clickbait, etc. Sometimes, you may be on the Dark side of the Web without even knowing it. You should try to avoid clickbait. Also, try to avoid hackers. The main advice is to avoid the Dark Side of the Web.