Book Report: Matilda

Written By: Roald Dahl Illustrated By: Quentin Blake

Matilda Summary

Matilda was born as an orphane and she never knew her parents. She was adopted right away. As a young child she was very smart. By age six and a half Matilda had discovered a secret ablility in her eyes that she uses to move things without out touching them. Her and her loving teacher Mrs. Honey are the only ones who know about this. She uses it against her mean and cruel principal Mrs. Truchbull and her mean and cruel adoption parents. Read the book to find out if poor Matilda's life ever gets better. A little bit of hope wil tell you that it does.

Characters in the book

Protagonist: Matilda and Mrs. Honey

Antagonist: Matilda's mother and father and Mrs. Truchbull

All of these characters are flat throughout the entire book. They stay mean and cruel (antagonist) or kind and caring (protagonist) throughout the entire book.

Matilda book online

If you would like to read Matilda go to this webpage.

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