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How and why I would use the PBSparents site in my classroom.

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A good resource for parents and teachers.

As mentioned several times in the article, "Issues in Digital Technology in Education/Assistive Technology in Education: A critical analysis of the 'Highs' and the 'Lows'", assistive technology is not always complicated machines. Some times small things like a white cane can be just as useful to help a disabled person. We hear about screen readers a lot when it comes to helping visually impaired students. But screen readers will not be as powerful if the website is not designed correctly. For example, it is very important for the designers and programmers to add in the "alt=" tag, which will describe the image when screen readers are being used to scan the page. I believe the more we know about what is available and what can be made available, the better we can assist our students with disabilities. This website explains everything is a simple way.

Assistive Technology

This sections covers the following topics:
  • Access and Environmental Controls
  • Aids to Daily Living
  • Assistive Listening:
  • Augmentative/Alternative Communication:
  • Computer-Based Instruction
  • Mobility
  • Positioning
  • Visual Aids

As mentioned in the article, "Different tools work for different students, just as various teaching strategies are used to a broad range of learning disabilities." I find it helpful to have a pool of assistive technologies available to aid students' learning.

Last semester was the first semester I had the chance to work with several students with disabilities (physical and learning disabilities). The PBS website will provide a good guide for me while working with disabled students. I can easily refer to this list and get some ideas on what I can use to help my students. Following this list, I can identify several technologies that I can use in the classroom.