Joseph Maynez

2nd Period

Dracula Project

Article One

Alternative ending.

The ending was pretty good, but it could be different. Van Helsing still puts Mina to sleep so she can be safe but when he goes back the next day to check up on her, he encounters the three female vampires, Helsing can’t resist their beauty and gives in leading to his death. Mina wakes up to see Van Helsing dead, she has no time to mourn and performs the ritual to destroy the three vampires and secure draculas tomb. Mina sticks to the plan to kill Dracula and travels east. In the distance she sees Seward, Morris, Harker, and Holmwood close in on the gypsies. The guys fight their way to the cart to open the lid on the box, they are successful. Dracula comes out of the box and gives them a fight; he kills Morris right away and injures Seward in the process. Dracula and Harker have a standoff, Holmwood sees an advantage and capitalizes on it, he sneaks behind Dracula and slashes his throath meanwhile Harker acts fast and sticks a knife in the count’s heart. Dracula painfully screams and his body turns into crumbs. The gang can’t believe they actually killed Dracula they remember those who died, and live happily ever after.

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Article Two

Dracula's life reign/ Harker's character.
The first encounter with Count Dracula was with Jonathan Harker, a young lawyer, he traveled to count Dracula's castle to help him buy an estate in London. Harker is enjoying himself until he realizes that the count isn't really human, and shares the castle with three undead women that want his blood. Harker finally realizes that he is a prisoner in the Count's castle and starts to notice Dracula's unworldly ability to control wolves. Harker is frightened and makes an attempt to escape out an upper window and manages to makes his way to Budapest before collapsing with a terrible brain fever from the shock. What surprises me is the stupidity of Harker, and how long it took him to realize something was wrong and finally decides to escape/do something about it.
Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) Trailer