Southern Clearing & Grinding Inc.

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Small Acreage- Large Acreage

SCG is capable of cutting high and low lying limbs in forests, around fields, ditch lines, creek banks, farm ponds or lakes, fence lines, and building structures. Sections of land can be cleared completely or selective trees can be mulched in seconds to achieve the client's desired look. SCG dedicates themselves to ensuring client satisfaction by reviewing the work site with the customer prior to tractor removal.

Commercial & Residential Site Prep

Grinding and chipping are cost savings for any residential or commercial work site. The grinding of trees and stumps into mulch eliminates the hauling costs to landfills and burning of debris. Combining the Pro Grinding Head and excavator's agility allows for easy access near any structure. Recreational trails, airport expansion and runway approaches, wood lines, and golf courses have all been cleared with this type of application

Georgia Department of Transportation

SCG has completed contracts for the Georgia Department of Transportation, including clearing land for the construction of additional lanes along highways and interstates, as well as clearing right-of-ways.

Environmental Effects

Grinding has become a cost effective solution that allows minimal low ground pressure resulting in a gentle impact on the forest. This is due to the Pro head being mounted on an excavator arm, as well as the 3" to 4" chips left behind assisting in erosion control.

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