Our Work Ethic

A Millenniums Poor Work Ethic

The average teenage boy with a poor work ethic. You have raised him to be better than this, but now he lays on the couch probably procrastinating the homework that is due tomorrow. You want him to get a steady so he can stop depleting your money and understand what it means to earn the things he wants. You're just trying to be a good parent but no matter what, he seems to get a little lazier everyday.

How Bad is It?

Trust us, you are not the only parents who have a lazy teenager. All over America people are facing a low work ethic from their teenagers. This is effecting productivity at work and the quality of goods. Teenagers usually fill the part-time and low pay jobs, but they still matter in having a successful economy. But their lack of initiative and want to work is hurting some businesses that rely on their younger employees.
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Why Is There a Low Work Ethic?

Simply because we have reached the age where electronics are a part of everyday life. With access to the internet, TV, and other electronics, teens have simply stopped working and turned to easy entertainment. Teens glued to the computer or television has left jobs open that people do not want to have causing a huge increase in unemployment. The college graduates are looking for a solid business and a job they can hold down, not flipping burgers or checking out groceries.

What Will Happen To Your Teenager If This Continues

Do Your Teenager a Favor!

Do your teenager a favor. Push them to get things done as soon as they get work. Punish their laziness when they could be working. Nag at them when they do not do something properly. All of this will help them do the things they want and become a well rounded individual with a proper work ethic.