The Great Gatsby

By: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Change of Perspective

What is the cost of pursuing a dream?

In life we run after goals and we change along the way because we figure things out that we didn't know before. In The Great Gatsby, Tom had "his wife and his mistress... slipping from his control" (Fitzgerald 125) in his pursue of Daisy whenever he sees Daisy "touching his coat with her hand." (Fitzgerald 121) after realizing this his whole perspective became darkened. Also, Gatsby in his journey after Daisy "he bought that house so that daisy would be right across the bay" (Fitzgerald 78) and in doing so ends up reuniting with her and realizes "both of us loved each other all that time" (Fitzgerald 131) so in his chase after Daisy his perspective changed on his relationship. In pursuing a dream we sometimes have an event that stops us in our tracks and makes us think differently, our perspective changes.

Is the cost of your pursing of a dream realistic?

Sometimes in pursuing a dream your perspective changes multiple times and in ways you never assumed would happen. In The Great Gatsby Daisy was pursuing her dream of happiness and put her marriage on the line but whenever Gatsby died "she and Tom had gone away early that afternoon, and taken baggage with them" (164 Fitzgerald) because her perspective on her love for Gatsby changed whenever he died and she went straight back to Tom thinking her only way to happiness is Tom since she feels like it's her fault because she "stepped on it" (Fitzgerald 144) and killed Myrtle and Gatsby was killed because Wilson thought he did it. So yes, it's not always a fairy tale ending, some people go back to old habits just like the real world. On a website called "Encouragement from a Stranger" is talked about "we NEED to make mistakes" (Wozniak) meaning there are real life problems that we will face and we will mess up and we will think differently but it happens to all of us and its going to happen to all of us. A man from the website, "Ridiculously Extraordinary" he said that "I was horribly depressed"(Are) after chasing his dream because he ran into issues and looked at the world differently.

Is pursuing a dream worth it?

Pursuing your dream is always worth it, if you don't pursue your dreams you'll always be in the place of what would have happen and what would my life be like if I had kept chasing. In the journey of following a dream there will be points were you've never been so low but it makes your perspective stronger and gives you a new outlook to where you wont make that mistake again! If it's worth dreaming about it's worth pursuing.

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