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Athens is a Democracy.

A Democracy is a type of government where the people make the decisions about how the government works.

We also worship many gods

Athens worships many gods like Zeus, Athena, Aphrodite, Poseidon, and many more!

Some of the gods and godesses

Athens activities

Art and Sports

Athens loves art of any kind. From music, to painting, we do all kinds of art. We also do sports, like soccer, disk throwing, and running.

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Now that you know about the great government of Athens, you should consider coming to Athens!

Athens has a Council of 500

The Council of 500 is a group of 500 people, rich or poor, who have won a lottery. They propose laws.


10 generals command the army and navy of Athens.

The Assembly

Any free male over 18 is welcome to join the Assembly. The Assembly also makes laws.


Sparta does some things very differently. For example, in Sparta, in order to join their Assembly, you have to be 30 or older which isn't really fair. also, to join their Council of Elders, you have to be 60 years old. They think that we are wrong to let 18 year olds make decisions, but it gives them a chance to make better decisions and help them later in life.