Ship Wrecked

Ivys NewsPaper


5,000 passengers, 1 hoilday cruse and a horrible TRADEDY!

Ivys NewsPaper

Ivys NewsPaper started in 2003, when Ivy Swibel Started her company. She got her insperation from her Mada. It is now 2014 that is now 10 years she has been doing this and she really enjoys it, she could not be here to write it in her own words, as she is very busy with other flyers she is promoting. I, Jim Gope have the honour to speak about Ivy today on this flyer. She is happy doing this and hopes to do more flyers soon, please help her by reading and buying her flyers.


Jim Gode.

Ivy Swibel

Friday, Oct. 17th, 12am to Monday, Nov. 10th, 5:30am

Como, New South Wales, Australia

Como, NSW

A prize newspaper, is awared to the person who calls me in the above time limit.

And let me tell you something you want this prize the only one newspaper about one thing that no one knows. All you have to do is call and tell me when my birthday is and you will be awarded the ulitimate prize!