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Reading Energy in Reiki Sessions by Kriss Erickson

One of the most important elements I teach my Reiki students, beginning in Reiki I, is to read Byoki, or Body energy. One method to do that is called Byosen Scanning. Byosen Scanning is floating the hands in the body’s subtle fields and allowing the energy to direct where the hands are placed.

Reiki Hand Positions

The hand positions provided in Reiki I are a guideline to help students as they learn to read body energy. Since learning to read body energy can take time, having hand positions helps students new to energy work to have a structure to work from. But the hand positions themselves are not meant to be the main focus of the sessions.

Learning to Read Body Energy

Reading energy and allowing Universal energy to channel through the practitioner to the recipient is the focus of Reiki sessions. The word ‘Reiki’ is an ancient Japanese word that means ‘spirit’ or ‘ghost.’ This underlines the importance of energy reading, of the interconnectedness of all of us, as well as the idea that the body knows what it needs and will ask for it. All we as Reiki Practitioners need to do is open a channel and remain aware.

What this means is that once the Reiki practitioner has opened an energy channel (first pillar of Reiki) and given thanks for that opened channel (second pillar of Reiki), she has entered a sacred space where she dances with the divine—the energetic spirit of the recipient. From that moment until she breaks the sacred connection through Kenyoku, she follows the energy of the recipient.

Learning to read energy takes time, especially reading nuances of energy. But all that is needed at the core of sharing Reiki is trust. Even in a first session, Reiki students more often than not report that their hands just ‘want to’ go to a certain spot.

Following Body Energy

Once the Reiki practitioner follows the energy to the spot the recipient’s body has indicated, all that needs to be done is to stay with the energy until her hands feel ‘released.’

This not only helps the Reiki Practitioner re-member how to read energy, but emphasizes trust. By trusting that the hands are being led to the ‘right’ place and that the process is complete when the hands are released, the Reiki Practitioner is a hollow reed, a conduit of lifeforce energy. This makes it more difficult for human ego or logic to get in the way.

Nuances of Energy Reading

With practice, the Reiki Practitioner will be able to feel and name different nuances, such as “heat” which can mean inflammation, “cold” which can mean stagnation, “tingling” which can mean pain or agitation, and more. The sensations picked up often feel strong at first, then lighter and lighter until the Practitioner feels a release, or feels guided to move to a different area of the body or subtle field.

Holding a recipient’s feet, a Reiki Practitioner might feel an equal flow of energy out both feet, or one foot might feel stronger than the other. Even if the energy flow is equal, the flow could grow stronger as the Reiki session progresses.

Holding a recipient’s head, a Reiki Practitioner might feel a lot of energy, which could indicate that the recipient has been thinking a lot, so an overabundance of energy has collected in the head. This, in turn can encourage headaches and/or tension to be held in the head, neck and shoulders.

Sending the Mental/Emotional Symbol can help the energy flow freely by spreading it out along all the body’s energy channels.

Sensing Dis-eases

Another nuance Reiki Practitioners learn to read is that of sensing illnesses like colds, viruses and other maladies. This does NOT mean that we ‘diagnose’ any illness. But working with body energy over time, Reiki Practitioners do learn to recognize and differentiate what a cold, virus, flu or internal dis-ease feels, sounds and smells like.

As you can see, there are many things to learn about reading body energy. Reiki is one way we can reconnect with the skill of reading energy. This is an inherent skill, one that society has chosen not to teach, but thankfully, a skill that can be relearned through the practice of Reiki.


Reiki Meetups & Classes

Reiki Meetups are held on the first Wednesday and the third Saturday of each month. Here is a list of upcoming Reiki Meetups and classes:

Saturday, July 19, 6 - 8 PM

Wednesday, Aug 6, 7 - 9 PM

Saturday,Aug 16, 6 - 8 PM

Suggested donation: $5

FREE Reiki I Classes:

As my gift to the world, and as a way to share at least one Reiki Symbol with as many people as possible, I offer one FREE, comprehensive Reiki I certification class each month.

The only cost for the Reiki I class is $20 for the Reiki I/II manual.

Sunday, July 13 9 AM - 3 PM

Saturday, August 2, 9 Am - 3 PM

Reiki II Classes:

I offer in-depth Reiki II certification for $100. This discounted price is also to give more people the opportunity of the gift of Reiki.

Cost: $100

Saturday, July 19, 9 AM - 4 PM

Saturday, August 9, 9 AM - 4 PM

Reiki Master Class:

Cost: $300

This in-depth, 2-day class teaches the Reiki Master Symbols, advanced Reiki techniques, a Reiki crystal grid, aura clearing, healing attunement and more!

Saturday, August 16 & Sunday, August 17, 9 AM - 4 PM each day.

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Kriss Erickson is a Certified Usui/Tibetan, Karuna, Ra-Sheeba, Atlantean, Crystal, and Lightarian Reiki Master Teacher, an AngelLinks and Lightarian Ray Teacher and an Acutonics ® Practitioner. Kriss is also a Certified Counselor for the state of WA, a freelance artist and author of 11 books.