Discovering The Rainforest

Tropical Rain forest by: Abby & Solange

#1 Reason Why You Should Come to the Rain Forest

Dear Fetty,

The climate of the tropical rain forest biome is humid, because it is so close to the equator, and it rain a lot. The tropical rain forest gets 250cm a year

#2 Reason Why you Should Come to the Rain Forest

We were exploring the rain forest , and we thought it would be a great place for to explore too. In the rain forest there are many different species of animals and plants. For example toucans, Jaguars, African forest elephant, and Orchids.

What to bring with you to the Tropical Rain Forest:

The rain forest is a very exotic place, so your going to need to bring some "handy" things.

  • Umbrella & Rain Boots- for all the rain fall
  • Bring containers- for medication that is in the plants and water (so you can drink)
  • boat- since there is so much water (lakes and rivers) your going to need a boat to get from place to place.
  • Book Bag full of Weapons and (back up) food- Your obviously going to need weapons because there are predators there like Bengal Tigers, and leopards.

Gear Up! For the tropical rain forest

This website will help you a lot to pack for a trip to the tropical rain forest.