A Cell is Like a School

By Mike Mastropaolo

A cell membrane is like a school door because...

A cell membrane lets things in and out of the cell and the doors to a school let children in and out of the building.
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A vacuole is like a cafeteria because...

A cafeteria has food and drinks for the students so they can be healthy and ready for the day. The vacuole also stores nutrients so that the cell can survive.
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A Nucleus is like a Principal because....

A principal makes sure everyone does their job and is in control of the school. The Nucleus is also in charge of the cell and controls it.
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The cytoplasm is like the school floor because.....

The school floor is where all the students and teachers walk on and it gives them support. Cytoplasm allows parts of the cell to float inside the cell and gives them support.
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The Golgi is like a vending machine because....

A vending machine allows foods containing goods such as proteins to exit the machine and further out of the school for the students. The Golgi also allows proteins to exit it's cell.
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A cell wall is like a school wall because....

The school walls and also support beams help support the whole school and keep it from collapsing. The cell wall also helps support the cell and makes sure the cell is stable
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