My Hero, Wendy Raymond

By: Mady D.C.

All About Wendy Raymond

Wendy Raymond does it all. From a mom of three to a children’s author. Her passion for literature started when she was young and never went away. When she was young, she had always wrote stories for fun and now it is her job. Recently her first book was published, Theo and a Horse Named Rocket. Theo and a Horse Named Rocket follows a boy named Theo Hawkshaw who lives in urban Chicago. He finds friendship between a horse named Rocket that lives in the Illinois countryside.
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Hero Definition Essay

The online Merriam Webster dictionary states that a hero is a person who is greatly admired. You would usually assume that a hero is someone with a cape saving someone, but a hero is not necessarily a superhero such as Batman and Superman; it is someone who inspires you. People may say that a hero has to be someone well-known, but I think that a hero can be anyone. You would usually see a hero doing something good like helping pick up trash or donating food to the local food drive. A hero is someone that you strive to be like in your daily life, someone who pushes you to do the right thing.

A hero is someone that you strive to be like in your daily life. A hero might be your mom or dad who inspires you to be the person you have become today. Consider the process it takes for a child think about how they can be like their hero. When the child and the hero are together, the child examines what their hero is doing so they can do the same thing. This creates an unbreakable bond between the hero and child that will last a lifetime. My hero is an author, and she inspires me to become an author one day because through her publishing her book, I learned that it is possible to become and author just like her.

A hero doesn’t have to be someone with a cape, but someone who pushes you to do the right thing. A hero could be your teacher or someone in your family that pushes you to do the right thing when you may have done the wrong thing. Because of this hero, the child becomes a better person in life because they listened to their hero and did the right thing in the end. There are over 7 billion people in this world. If you are not a hero, be a hero. Act like a role model for kids all around the world everyday. My hero acted like a role model for me because she decided to pursue her dream and become an author. This taught me to not be afraid of doing what I believe is the right thing for me to do and to stick with my gut. By my hero deciding to pursue her dream, she had to sacrifice spending time with her kids so she could work on her book.

I believe a hero is an average person with a big heart. Heroes may be normal people, but their kindness and compassion are unique and make them such a great hero. My hero is my neighbor, Mrs. Raymond. Besides the fact that she is very kind, she is pursuing her dream and becoming an author. I have also always held a passion for literature and I want to be an author like her one day.
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