MCMS TSA Students Explore GT

Aspiring Engineering Students Visit Georgia Tech

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Learning in Action

  • Urban Honeybee Project and Clough Tour

    • Clough Lab 587

      • Bee Watching, Bee Cam, Quick Bee Talk, Honey Tasting, Q&A

  • Hydraulics Lab Tour (Civil Engineering)

    • Walk past College of Architecture/Design, Computing, Physics (10 min.)

      • Discuss rest of engineering majors, other colleges at Georgia Tech

      • GT Academic Rankings/Facts/History (When women enrolled, ratio, etc.)

    • Arrive at Mason Building Loading Dock (Hydraulics Lab)

      • See experiments running, what the lab is setup for, learn about the applications of experiments, and hear about the overview of Civil Engineering, Q&A

  • Walking Tour of Student Center

    • Walk down Atlantic Drive towards Einstein Statue
      • Admission Criteria
    • Explain dirt mounds previously known as Tech Green (Stormwater system)

    • Einstein Statue - how it came to be there and other artwork on campus

    • Walk to Ferst Center, Outdoor Ampi-theatre, Dramatech Black Box Theatre, Ice Cream Statue

    • Walk into Flag Building, diversity/campus life

    • Tour of Student Center

  • RoboJackets Shop Tour (Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science) ~