Where is Middle Earth?

Germany is a good region for middle earth


Germany is a country that isn't all that large, but considering that it has the second largest population in Europe, it has a lot of different and varied landscapes. Central Germany features rough and somewhat patternless hilly and mountainous countryside, while southern Germany features mountain terrain and some hilly scapes, and the north is part of the north European plain and has some cold areas. As far as culture, the population is 91.5 percent German, 2.4 percent Turkish, and the remaining 6.1 percent is a mix of many other cultures. In Germany, the official language is German, or course with the usual few who speak another language.

Why Germany?

In the Hobbit, there are many different areas and terrains that suite the needs for different "species" you could call it, like the dwarves, hobbit, elves, humans, and the goblins. Germany, like Middle Earth should have, has all kinds of differing terrains like the mountains, lakes, hills, countryside, and fields. All of the "species" would have their own terrains that are completely different for completely different uses. "It was a hobbit hole, and that meant comfort..." When you imagine that while you are reading that line in the book, you most likely think of a comfortable and COZY home. In Germany, all the meadows, valleys, mountains, and fields are VERY cozy and comfortable looking. Who couldn't agree?

Why NOT Germany?

Many people may say things like, "Oh, Germany is too developed, and they have too many buildings..." Well, yeah, Germany is very developed, nut in some areas, it's just complete wilderness! There's plenty of unused space and maybe even undiscovered places. There are also lots of mountain ranges and forest terrain that nobody even goes to! There is lots of places and things for Middle Earth to use there.

Summing it up!

Germany is the perfect location for Middle Earth because of the varying regions that it has. Germany is full of different kinds of people, which contrasts with the "people" of Middle Earth. If you look through the settings in Middle Earth, like the mountains, the shire, and all the other places, you can see that it lines up almost exactly will Germany's settings. (Picture of Germany's different regions is down)
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