Welcome December!

Baubleheads Notes

Congrats to ALL of you!

What an incredible month you all had! So many great success stories- whether you sold one pair of earrings or crushed a bigger goal, I am so impressed with you all as a team! We are a small but mighty team and you all are capable of so much.

We do a lot of celebrating- big numbers, promotions, etc... as we should, BUT I also want to make sure that you see the fuller picture. We had over 50% activity rate last month!!! Actually, 62% to be exact! That is way above the average- which means that your average trunk show last month was also way above average- let's calculate this out. With 48 trunk shows and a volume of $63,500, among 49 stylists, your average show was $1,295! (I think I did that right?) Seriously, THAT is amazeballs!

I want you to be SO PROUD of your business and where you are in your journey. Take consistent steps and they will bring you to wherever you want to go. Happy December, ladies- Finish 2015 strong!



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Share the #sdjoy and Grow!

Our biggest mission is Empowerment. This speaks volumes to so many women who need income, need freedom, need a little extra something social, or maybe need a sense of self outside of their daily life. Stella & Dot literally is a gift that you can share with all of your friends, hostesses & customers and it's also the fastest way to grow your paycheck. With the new compensation plan you can start with bringing along just 1 new stylist and promote. If you are looking for more out of your business, let's chat about taking that first step and get you to Associate Stylist! Message me anytime and let's lock arms to get you what you want out of your business :)

Let's Connect!

I'm always available. You can contact me anytime via email, Facebook, or the Voxer app. Whether you have one question or need a roadmap for building a strong business, my goal and my role is to help you get there. Don't hesitate to reach out anytime!

xoxo. Crystal