An Independnet Nation

After the war with the Mexicans, Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin had to get this nation running. Settlements grew and crops were doing well, but people didn't know if Texas would make it as a country, or if we should move to America and become a state.

Standing as a lone star for 9 years

For nine years Texas was an independent republic, and had many problems to keep busy . The Texas Government didn't have much money either. People gave taxes to them , but it wasn't enough to fund ,or pay for, everything the nation needed. And during the war Texas had borrowed money from Mexico, and Texas needed to pay the money back .

Also, people in Texas faced problems with American Indians that lived there. President Sam Houston tried to work with the different tribes. He at least wanted treaties, or agreements between the nation and the American Indians. However the next president, President Lamar, did not like or understand the tribes. He did not follow the treaties President Houston worked hard to make. President Lamar's action angered American Indian's groups and responded in many raids.

Texas also had to deal with the constant threats of Mexico attacks. Mexico was not sticking to the terms of their treaty. In fact, in 1842, Santa Anna again led a group of soldiers into Texas. For a short time the Mexican army held control of San Antonio, Goliad, and Refugio. Eventually the Texans drove the Mexicans out of the new nation. The people of Texas were always watching for attacks.

On Feb. 28, 1845, the U.S. Congress passed a resolution saying Texas could become a state. But there were certain terms everyone had to agree to. First, Texas had to pay off it's own debts. Second, Texas citizens were allowed to continue to hold slaves. And third Texas had the right to divide into 5 states if wanted to do so. Interestingly enough, Texas still has this right today , though there is little chance it will ever be done. The people of Texas agreed to these terms and voted for the annexation .

On December 29th 1845, Texas became the 28th state of the Untied States of America.

A few weeks later Anson Jones, the last Texas president, lowered the Republic of Texas flag flying in front of the capital in Austin. He announced, "The Republic of Texas is no more." Many people felt a bit sad that the nation had come to it's end. But they were also glad when the new flag, the flag of The U.S.A, flew in the breeze that day.

pictures of American Indians

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