Surviving Antarctica

By: Monica A. Vargas

Interviewing Polly

I'm here in Los Angele's waiting for the arrival of the kids who made a travel all over Antarctica. They resembled Scott's expedition. Scott died in 1912 of surviving Antarctica. They were so close until a blizzard hit. There they come! Hmm... it seems some were already been booked to be interviewed. But it seems Polly has no one to be. Polly! Polly! Can I interview you. Polly: I guess so?

Q: How did you feel when you went to Antarctica?

A: Terrible! They didn't let me say goodbye to my mom. They also lied to us when the said about the camera crew. I also read about Scott's entries and they sounded terrible and sad.

Q: How did you react when you discovered there weren't any camera crew.

A: I was furious, Hot Sauce lied to us all. Hot Sauce is just a cruel persons with no feelings. I'm not even sure how Billy can stand her personality.

Q: Is it true that people died?

A: No, no one died. But one horse did die. They were called Milky and Cookie. Milky and Cookie were stranded on an ice floe. Milky jumped to the ship, but Cookie would'nt budge. Then something bad happened to Cookie then Milky saved her then Milky died and Cookie survived.

Q: Is it true that you're like a human dictionary?

A: Yeah I get that a lot from people. I can memorize anything in a few seconds. Especially because I'm working the job my dad used to work. But my dad died a few weeks or months ago.

Q: Do you have a family?

A: No I do not have a family. As i said, my dad died and my mom is mostly all the time disabled. I have no brothers or sisters and my mom isn't pregnant. I'm a lonely child. I spend the most of my time reading or in the dictionary learning new words.

Q: Did you have any food in Antarctica?

A: Of course we did. But the food was horrible. It was called pemmican. It was flavorless. It was filled with nutrients we needed and some fatness. We needed to eat this the whole journey. I wish we had better food because pemmican was dry. At least it didn't freeze. If it did we would be dead by now.

Q: Did you needed to eat the pemmican?

A: Of we did! We needed to survive of course. Imagine a day without food. It would be a disaster. Pemmican had no flavor but we had no choice so we had to eat or else we would of died.

Q: How was the end of the trip?

A: I was relieved we made it through and that we were still alive. Talk about it, we went to so much harsh weather. I also can't believe Andrew wasn't cold. It was 50 degrees below zero. Andrew spent an after-noon in the freezer when they tested him if he were good enough to go to Antarctica.

Wow! you have been through lots of thing.Polly: Yes I have, to painful to think about it. I'll leave you alone now.

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Ms. Jabasco or as know "Hot Sauce"

Ms. Jabasco

I'm here to talk to Ms. Jabasco, or well known a hot sauce. Today she will talk why we should see the hit TV show: Historical Survivors. Hot Sauce: Hello people, today you have seen the arrival of the surviving Antartica people or should I say teenagers. You should watch historical survivors daily. It can be full of excitement and you never know what can be next. So turn on your T.V and start watching Historical Survivors by DOE the Department of Entertainment.

How about the dice, is there anything going to change? Hot Sauce: Oh yes! Of coarse. It'going to be way better than last year. Instead of 2 di they will throw 3 di. The 3 have to be equal or a type of pattern, it would be even more harder. I wanted to keep it a secret but I just want to say it already.

Check the weather in Antartica

Want to see the weather in Antartica?! It will be 50 degrees below zero.