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Staff Information & Updates 4/14/14

From The Principal's Pen...

Earlier this year, GCISD administered a Parent Survey for parents across the district. Parents were asked to provide input about their child's school in regards to overall school environment, academic experiences, communication, safety, nutritional services and more!

The results of our campus survey will be reviewed by our CEC this week, so I wanted to make sure all staff had access to this information as well. Each campus principal has been asked to create and communicate to the district what our school's plan will be for addressing all areas with more than ten percent combined responses of disagree & strongly disagree. For your convenience, I have highlighted all areas of the survey that meet this criteria, which will be target areas for improvement. While there are always areas of improvement, be sure to take some time to make note of areas of strength for our campus too! There are lots of opportunities for celebration!!

Each team needs to meet to review & discuss the survey results together. As a team, please provide your feedback & suggestions on the Staff Feedback form. I have provided a link to this form below. Each team's feedback needs to completed by Friday, May 2nd. If you are part of support staff, (reading specialist, ASPIRE, counselor, librarian, nurse, technology, etc...) please plan a time when you can meet together to complete this required activity. I will add feedback from our CEC to the document after our meeting this week. Instructions for how to complete the feedback form are provided on the form.

Click here to access Cannon's results from the GCISD Parent Climate Survey 2013

Click here to access the Cannon Staff Feedback form



Check out the newest resource for Professional Development offerings below!!

Below are some upcoming opportunities for professional development sessions that you will want to check out as you are completing your PLP's for your upcoming summative conferences with Anne & Tona. Check the staff newsletter each week for updated professional development offerings!!

** NEW - JUST ADDED- Summer PD Offerings for all content areas **


Be sure to check out GCISD'S EdCamp opportunity just for GCISD teachers on June 10th from 8:30-3:30!

GCISD Technology Summer Professional Development Opportunities

Educator STEM Academy @ FWMSH flyer

Registration form for STEM Academy

Dates to Remember

4/11 PLC Week B 3rd;4th;1st

4/15 Reverse Evacuation Drill - 11:30

4/15 CEC 3:15

4/15 First Lego League (3rd & 4th) Parent Information Night 6:00 pm

4/16 Special Olympics

4/18 PLC Week A- Kinder;5th;2nd

4/22 Earth Day

4/22 STAAR Math - 3rd & 4th grades

4/23 STAAR Reading - 3rd & 4th; STAAR Science - 5th

4/25 PLC Week B - 3rd; 4th;1st

4/29 UNT and Thailand guests to tour Cannon

4/29 STEM Leadership Team - 3:00

4/30 Lake Worth tours Cannon's 1:1 program

4/30 Fire Drill - 1:30

5/1 Dual Language Parent Information Night -CTMS 6:30

5/1 GCISD Employee Retirement Celebration - PDEC

5/2 PLC Week A - Kinder; 5th; 2nd

5/3 GCISD Rachel's Challenge Rally

5/5 - 5/9 Kindergarten Registration

5/6 U.CAN 3:00

5/6 STEM Parent Information Night 6:30 - cafeteria

5/7 Dan Yaccarino- K-2 8:30-9:30; 3-5 1:15-2:15

5/8 Cannon Family STEM Night 6:00

5/9 Field Day

5/12 EMT meeting - 3:00

5/13 CEC - 3:15

5/14 National Dance Like a Chicken Day! :-)

5/15 Fire Drill - 9:30

5/16 PLC Week B - 3rd, 4th, 1st

5/19 Cannon scholars present at School Board meeting

5/20 U.CAN 3:00

5/21 Early Release day K-5

5/22 Early Release day K-5

5/23 PLC Week A - Kinder;5th;2nd

5/23 GCISD Special Programs Lottery Day

5/23 Choir to NRH2O

5/26 Student Holiday

5/27 STEM Leadership meeting 3:00

Sneak Peek: Documentary Follows Students with Learning Disabilities

Thanks to our awesome diagnostician, Rosario Young, for sharing information about a documentary that will air this week. It follows students with learning disabilities to see how they develop confidence, perseverance, and raise their own expectations about what they can accomplish!

Watch the trailer for The Address below. It will air Tuesday, 4/15 @ 8:00 pm on PBS.

Click here to read about the 8 instructional strategies teachers at Greenwood School use to support students with learning disabilities and challenges as varies as dyslexia dysgraphia, and ADHD.

The Address (Trailer) -- coming to PBS April 15, 2014 from Ken Burns


Our staff S.T.E.M. participants continue to stay strong in their weight loss efforts during Week # 2. During this week, all participants lost 44 pounds collectively!

The front runners in the challenge for this week were:

1. Deena

2. Denisa

3. Jem

4. Michelle H.

5. Anna W.

Keep up the great work and good luck to all S.T.E.M. participants! Click here for this week's tip on how to choose foods with healthy fats!!


  • PDAS & SUMMATIVE UPDATES- Please remember that all staff appraised through PDAS must complete Sections II & III of the PDAS Teacher Self Report, prior to their scheduled summative. To date, there are less than 10 teachers who have completed these required sections of PDAS. Please note that a revised summative schedule was sent out to all staff last week by Anne. Make sure you check this schedule, as we had to revise times for several staff members, due to conflicts. Finally, all staff will receive an email this week from Tona that contains a link to individual folders that have been created in Google Docs, where you will save your completed PLP documents and documentation of professional learning throughout the 2014-2015 school year.

  • MERAKI UPDATES ON ALL iPADS - As a reminder, Sharon & Diane Isbell will be visiting all classrooms this week to update all student iPads to Meraki. Please remember to have all student password cards (green cards) readily available when they arrive in your room. They will come to each grade level according to the following schedule:

Monday - April 14th

7:45 - 9:15 - Kindergarten

9:30-11:15 - 4th grade

12:30-2:15 - 3rd grade

Tuesday - April 15th

7:45-9:15 - 1st grade

9:30 - 11:15 - 2nd grade

12:30 - 2:15 - PreK carts

Update on Standards Based Report Cards

Please make note of the following updates regarding the use of SBRC for the 2014-2015 school year.

Kindergarten: The district is in the process of revising and aligning the kindergarten report card. It will have a format consistent to 1st Grade and include key readiness and supporting standards. Sub-committees are currently working on supporting documents. The group will reconvene on May 29 at 3:15 to review the documents in preparation for next year.

1st grade: Teacher reps will meet on May 8 for a full day of revision work on the 1st grade SBRC and supporting documents. The identified areas of improvement include: ensuring all teachers have a clear understanding of the research and principles behind SBRCs and are confident communicating this to parents; and, teachers must clearly and thoroughly communicate about student progress between grading periods to parents.

2nd grade: The second grade team will work throughout the 2014-2015 school year to achieve the following goals: grow in their understanding of standards-based teaching and assessing, and develop a high quality standards-based

report card and supporting documents. The current plan is to launch the 2nd grade SBRC in the fall of 2015.

Standards-based report card survey results indicated a discrepancy between the teacher and parent perspective. Overall, teachers reported satisfaction with this year’s pilot, and they’re acknowledging the instructional benefits to this new way of reporting. While many parents understand the value of SBRC, more than half of the responding parents did not feel informed about their child’s academic progress.


No time to follow tweets from staff this week? Check them out here! Great job tweeting about the great things going on at Cannon! Keep up the good work!

NG Learning ‏@ExploreInside Apr 10

#tbt to the great surprise @georuzo gave to an #inspired student at Cannon Elem: @Tonataylor #ExploreInside

Anna Weston ‏@AnnaRWeston Apr 11

Who has teachers in a stacking cup competition at school! #iworkatacoolschool @cancubs

Trisha Goins ‏@heartinlife 14h

Can't wait to work with @STEM4th next week. Today's #PLC was classic! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face!

Anna Weston ‏@AnnaRWeston Apr 9

Eco-Buddies with GHS students and a 100 year old grapevine! So cool! #cancubs

Anne Pyron ‏@pyron_anne Apr 8

Thank you #eco-buddies at GHS for a wonderful morning! @cancubs @GCISD @Tonataylor

Sarah Wolter ‏@Wolter_Sarah Apr 9

5th graders are learning from GHS Seniors. #ecologycenter #GHS @Tonataylor @cancubs

DenSkiFisher ‏@DeniseSki Apr 8

Going down the trail! @cancubs @Tonataylor

juliebrenegan ‏@molliemae57 Apr 8

Cannon 4th grade ecologists explore the GHS Ecology Center @Tonataylor @cancubs #gcisd

Deena Crawford ‏@MrsCrawfordSSS Apr 9

"This is my new favorite field trip!!" -Jacob. At GHS Ecology Center @cancubs

Tina Berumen ‏@tinaberumen Apr 8

OMG! Obsessed with @GetKahoot are you all using this @MeganPettit22 @ireneb2011 @MrsCrawfordSSS @Tonataylor

Mrs Greuling ‏@mrsgreuling Apr 10

Great Digital Collaboration this afternoon. Thanks @MeganPettit22 for all the sharing.

Dee Elmore ‏@elmore_dee Apr 10

Learning LIVE through a Virtual Field Trip from Petal Valley Farms, IL showing us how eggs make their way from the farm to our table.

Megan Pettit ‏@MeganPettit22 Apr 10

A LIVE virtual field trip to a real chicken farm! @cancubs @MsDianeNorwood

Kamala Anderson ‏@Kaminash 23h

Exploring geometric shapes using Build & Learn Geometry Kits. @cancubs @Tonataylor

Patrick R. Lollis ‏@canmaestro 19h

This looks like a model for a maker project! #musiced #recycle #STEM @cancubs @tonataylor

Patrick R. Lollis ‏@canmaestro Apr 10

Great ideas I can't wait to dig into! @cancubs @Tonataylor #musicedtech …

Irene Boynton ‏@ireneb2011 21h

Mystery Skype Reader from Boston reads Make Way for Ducklings...kinders get a little geography lesson too! #cancubs

Irene Boynton ‏@ireneb2011 Apr 10

Kinders programming Roamer Robots...aMAZEing @DeniseSki @heartinlife #cancubs #kinderchat #STEM

Jem Inigo ‏@JemInigo Apr 11

Kindergarten Maze winners program the Roamer to run the maze. @cancubs

Michelle Hall ‏@Michelleh340 Apr 11

Collaborating w/buddies to research animals. @gail_marin @cancubs

Judy Hockenbrough ‏@JHockenbrough Apr 11

Harley's enters the Cannon Hall of Fame! #cancubs @tonataylor

Judy Hockenbrough ‏@JHockenbrough Apr 10

Designing habitats for the animals we've been researching. #cancubs @tonataylor

Riqui Villarreal ‏@CannonCoachV Apr 11

Coach Guajardo's Leadership Crew from GMS with 1st grade blue cubs!!! #cancubs #PhysEd

Deborah Highfill ‏@MrsHighfillArt Apr 9

Hand building with clay can be difficult but the @cancubs have got it down. They're doing great! @Tonataylor

Luvina Subia ‏@SubiaLuvina 15h

So impressed with our Cannon Design Club! @KarenDavidenko @cancubs Amazing work scholars!

Luvina Subia ‏@SubiaLuvina Apr 10

@KarenDavidenko Thanks for the idea! Our part of the @cancubs garden will be decorated with Karen a beautiful design.

KDavidenko ‏@KarenDavidenko Apr 10

The Big Reveal reveals amazing Cannon teamwork. They dressed like designers! @cancu

KDavidenko ‏@KarenDavidenko Apr 11

Paint/paper flowers:texture/sensory/color learning w/Ms Aguliera & @pyron_anne @Tonataylor @cancubs

Anne Pyron ‏@pyron_anne Apr 8

1:1 schools article in DMN this morning. This is a link to Nick Sauers', GSU professor, blog. @cancubs @Tonataylor

DenSkiFisher ‏@DeniseSki Apr 10

"@BoyntonsBuzz: Kinders programming Roamer Robots...aMAZEing @DeniseSki @heartinlife #cancubs #kinderchat #STEM"

Tina Berumen ‏@tinaberumen Apr 11

Living out @MsDianeNorwood dream...listening to @lemonysnicket speak at the @TxASL breakfast. #txla14

Tina Berumen ‏@tinaberumen Apr 9

"The library is the place that brings all the learning together that is happening all over the school."-- @mluhtala #txla14

Tina Berumen ‏@tinaberumen Apr 8

The cutest QR app I've ever seen... @QR (iPhone app) Thanks @burnetlibrarian for sharing! #txlatechcamp14

Denisa Marshall ‏@denisamarshall Apr 8

Jillian is teaching Sebastian and Mickey some new vocabulary words. @cancubs @Tonataylor


  • Set a timer and turn in attendance by 9:45-10:15 daily.
  • Collect remaining Student Plans for Next Year forms from students.
  • Don't forget about Reverse Evacuation drill at 11:30 on 4/15
  • CEC members will meet at 3:15 on 4/15
  • 3rd & 4th grade teachers remind parents to attend FLL Parent Info. Night-4/15
  • Plan to watch the PBS documentary on 4/15 at 8:00 pm on PBS
  • Cheer on our Special Olympic athletes on Wednesday 4/16!
  • Meet with your team to complete the Parent Survey Feedback form by May 2nd
  • Weigh-in for the staff S.T.E.M. Challenge with Nurse Kendra!
  • Tweet throughout the week to share the great work going on @ Cannon!