Sidney Poitier


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Date & Place Of Brith

He was born on 2-20-1924 in Miami,Florida.


  • Juanita Hardy -ex wife
  • Beverly Poitier
  • Pamela Poitier
  • Sherri Poitier
  • Gina Poitier
  • Anika Poitier
  • Joanna Shimks - wife


He went to American Negro Theater.

Jobs Held

Film actor and film maker.

3 Interesting Facts

  • He had prostrate cancer
  • He ranked number 20 by premiere magazine for their Greatest movie stars
  • His family speaks russian fluently


Sidney is 86 years old

Awards & Recognition

He is a academy award winner and he won a oscar in 1963.

Favorite quotation

" I am the me i choose to be "