Making & frosting a beachball cake

by alyssa fakunle

( cited: Google images)
(half circle cake examples; above)

essential question

How do you make and decorate a beach ball cake ?


To start off you will need

  • turntable
  • serrated knife
  • 2 boxes of icing
  • shortening or butter
  • circle cake pan
  • Spherical icing smoother (optional, it can also be made out of cut out cardboard paper )
  • flour
  • cake batter
  • food coloring
  • 3 bowls
  • butter knife or just something to ice your cake with
  • plate
  • decorative black icing

picturial instructions

different techniques

be creative

If you decide you want to BE CREATIVE you can always bake another cake and frost them together to make a sphere cake

(cited: google images)

Other sites that can give you info on how to bake cakes:


My research is relevant to my question because my question asks, how to make and decorate a beach ball cake and I provided the response with directions on how to make and decorate a beach ball cake.

what i learned

I learned that having patience will always come in handy when making a beach ball cake and that the process itself is way harder than it seems.


My essential question was fully answered due to the fact that it asked for instructions and I responded with factual answers (I responded with instructions).

sucessful or not

My project was successful, even though there were a few technical difficulties it still came out to be a beach ball cake.

what would i have done differently

What I would have done differently, would be planning out more time to make the cake so then the process of making it was not rushed.


The main points of my project are about the process of making and decorating a half spherical beach ball cake.

I believe this is a worthy project because it not only teaches you about the process of making and decorating a beach ball cake but it also teaches you about putting together and planning an instructional project.