They don't just cure them they make sure their satisfied

How to become a veterinarian

.Complete a bachelor's degree program, most of veterinarian medicine prefer applicants to have a bachelor's degree
. Earn a doctor of veterinarian medicine
.You have to get a license to become a veterinarian
.You have to gain experience


Many veterinarians treat small companion animals. As a small animal vet, you may perform services such as treat and dress wounds, Examine animals to diagnose their health problems, and providing extra care for older animals.

Animals they work with

Veterinarians take care of companion animals like dogs, cats, birds, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, chicken, and aquatic animals and zoo animals.
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Veterinarians as collaborators

Veterinarians only collaborate when they talk to there assistants and they both work together to come up with some ideas and new plains, they also collaborate with veterinarian technicians so they can both work together to make new animal arm's just incase if a animal loses it's arm and they make a new mechanical arm for the animal. Veterinarians collaborate with everyone who works at there job so they can come up with idea's.

Veterinarians as communication

Veterinarians communicate differently then we do, they communicate with clients. Vets communicate like this so they can discuss pet health treats-and what time the animals appointment is.People think that this is a new way about how veterinarians communicate then we do.

Veterinarians as critical thinkers

You need critical thinking when your a veterinarian because you will need it when you are helping a animal or what types of tools they will need when they work, so that's why critical thinking is very important to a veterinarian they need it because it helps them in their job.

Veterinarian creativity

Veterinarians are very creative they always use creativity on their job. They always are thinking of new ways to help animals and what new plans they have next. They always use creativity on their job.


A person who is trained to give medical care and treatment to animals who are injured or sick.
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