Faculty Learning Center

February 16, 2016- 8:00 Cedar Hill Library


Skyhawk Bucks- Recognize your co-workers!!!

Congratulations, Mrs. Bearden's class!!! Attendance award winners again this week!!! 99.79%- Present Percentage

Check out the board with your class each week!!! It is making an impression on students and parents- especially the early outs and tardies being shown daily.

Congratulations, Mrs. Koenigsfeld's class!!! They collected 1042 Box Tops during this past competition!

•ICLE ELA Update- Casey

•ICLE Math Update- Lorie

•Curriculum work- Scope and Sequence; Common Assessment Work- Summer 2016

Data Team Cycles - Extended Team Time will occur during the upcoming weeks. Make sure your electronic data cycles are updated (in detail) for both reading and math. Work on planning test prep; finding rigorous and relevant resources and materials; planning lessons, etc. Please prepare an agenda of your extended data team time and share it with me. I will not be able to attend all sessions due to summative evaluation meetings.

• Movie Night Ballot- Please present the following movie choices to your students this morning and submit the number of students who voted for each on the Google Sheets form. PTO will begin advertising the movie chosen!! Movie Night is Thursday, March 10th!

Conference Summary - Wrap up contact with parents that did not attend Student-Led

Conferences. Gabe will have the summary report in the office this week.

•Summer School Updates- Recreational Teacher positiion and head teacher will be added

•Summative Evaluations/PGP- artifacts - Lorie

•Student observation requests :-)

•Read-A-Thon - Sarah and committee

•PLC Site Visit Update- February 29- Jen M. and Shelley

Mission, Vision, Commitment Statement Posters

Powerful Learning Conference- Tier 2 and 3/Intervention

•MAP Testing Update-

Grades 3, 4, and 5 teachers will attend training on March 4 PD day - Dix Road (pm)

The DESE Practice Test is now open. Get students on this program as much as

possible. Use the science test for practice!! (grades 3, 4, and 5)

Other resources for online practice and in-class review


•Typing Instructor- Expectations for Grades 2-5- Students rotate this through centers- At

least 30 minutes (total) a week; Practice with iPad and lab computers

•Computer Lab- 30 minutes a week unless you have a special project you need to


Test practice- can be scheduled into lab in addition to your weekly time.

•Duty Subs- I have shared a Google Sheets form with each of you regarding the name of

your substitute (on staff) that will perform your supervision duties in the event

you are absent. Fill in the form with the name of the person you will contact in

the case you need to be absent and have a morning/mid-day recess duty.

•PBIS Survey- Please take today during Teamwork Tuesday


•Discipline- Use your Buddy Rooms

- Make sure a minor is submitted on the Google form or on paper

- Students need to complete a Think Sheet

- Students (unless assigned by me) should not come to the office to serve

recess. Utilize Buddy Room teachers. Students MUST come to the Buddy

Room or office with work to do.

- Students should not stay in the Buddy Room for long periods of time.

- Attempt to connect/process with the student quickly, and if they are ready to take accountability for their actions, they should return to the classroom.

• PBS Tier 1 and 2 Update

The teams meet together this Thursday to take a look at building data. You will

be informed of current updates early next week.

•Professional Development- March 4

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Culver's Night - TONIGHT - 5-9 PM