NMS Monthly Newsletter

May 2021

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Principal's Message

NMS Families,

May is here and the end of the year is just around the corner. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the efforts of students, families and teachers to navigate, persevere and survive a grueling and challenging year. We still have hope that we’ll get all kids back every day before the year is over, but our window is closing. If that opportunity does not arise, we’ll all keep doing the best we can. Regardless, we will strive for high attendance and best effort in order to finish the year strong.

Thank you for allowing your students to attend North Middle. We look forward to the time that we can interact with your child in person, every day for a full school day. Until then, keep encouraging your child through the end of the year and stay as positive as possible.


Tommy Blanchard

May Menu

May 3~~~Breakfast: French toast Lunch:Chicken sandwich or sandwich & daily offerings

May 4~~~Breakfast: French toast Lunch: Chicken sandwich or sandwich & daily offerings

May 5~~~ CDL Classes

May 6~~~Breakfast: Asst. Muffins Lunch: Taco snack or sandwich & daily offerings

May 7~~~Breakfast: Asst. Muffins Lunch: Taco snack or sandwich & daily offerings

May 10~~~Breakfast: Breakfast breads Lunch: Spaghetti or sandwich & daily offerings

May 11~~~Breakfast: Breakfast breads Lunch: Spaghetti or sandwich & daily offerings

May 12~~~ CDL Classes

May 13~~~Breakfast: Breakfast rounds Lunch: Cheeseburger or sandwich & daily offerings

May 14~~~Breakfast: Breakfast rounds Lunch: Cheeseburger or sandwich & daily offerings

May 17~~~Breakfast: Mini waffles Lunch: Roasted chicken or sandwich & daily offerings

May 18~~~Breakfast: Mini waffles Lunch: Roasted chicken or sandwich & daily offerings

May 19~~~ CDL Classes

May 20~~~Breakfast: Cinnamon bun Lunch: Beef nachos or sandwich & daily offerings

May 21~~~Breakfast: Cinnamon bun Lunch: Beef nachos or sandwich & daily offerings

May 24~~~Breakfast: Mini pancake Lunch: Chicken w/rice or sandwich & daily offerings

May 25~~~Breakfast: Mini pancake Lunch: Chicken w/rice or sandwich & daily offerings

May 26~~~ CDL Classes

May 27~~~Breakfast: Mini donuts Lunch: Burritos or sandwich & daily offerings

May 28~~~Breakfast: Mini donuts Lunch: Burritos or sandwich & daily offerings

May 31~~~ Memorial Day NO SCHOOL

Menu subject to change

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Picture Retake Days

Retake Day will be Thursday May 6 & Friday May 7!

Link to order form below:


School Code: 58000R

Any questions or concerns please email Newcomb Photography


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May Dates to Remember


May 6-7~~~ Picture retake day in the cafeteria

May 19~~~ 5th Grade Parent Night



June 9~~~ Last Day Of School


Note on Sports Registration

North Middle School will register all participants through Family ID.


Track is in full swing! Schedule listed below:

As with all District 7 sports, the following are required:

  • A current physical on file with our Athletics Office.
  • Proof of Insurance

There will be no participation fees for any athletics offered by North Middle School this year. The $75 fee is being waived.

Uniforms, and other equipment will be provided.

Registration for Track is closed! The season runs through June 3, 2021.

Cross Country District meet was May 1st. 8th Gr. John Mateja beat the course record by 5 seconds!

Volleyball went very well! A HUGE Thank You for all who participated!

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The yearbook is happening this year and any and all photo submissions can be sent to nms.yrbook@d7apps.gp.k12.or.us.

We want to see what you have been up to!

$28.00 each Pre-sold only.... Yearbooks will be handed out in the Fall!

Link to purchase is below:


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Nurse's Notes


It has been a year with lots of adjustments, changes and challenges, but it’s starting to wind down to the end of the school year. As we look forward to next school year we want to make sure that you have access to the Communicable Disease Guidelines from the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Department of Education. See pages 10 and 11 of the guidance (commdisease(10).pdf) for a review of symptoms with guidelines on when a student should stay home. Page 13 has a briefer overview of the same guidance. These guidelines have always applied, even before COVID, though it led to a few up-dates. It will be important to keep these guidelines handy. You might even want to print it out to refer to when making decisions about school attendance. We hope to keep our staff and students safe and healthy at school, and following this guidance will go a long way toward preventing most outbreaks at school and in the community. Staying home when ill is one of those things we can all do to prevent spread of disease.

We are hoping to have more information and health related forms available through the district website in the future, but in the meantime if your child has a health condition requiring a health protocol, please use the links to download and print the health protocols when registering your student(s) through Info-Snap. This is really important for those students with significant health concerns such as severe Allergies, Asthma, Seizures, Diabetes and other health conditions requiring staff to assist with health procedures or emergencies. We appreciate your providing these so that we can be sure staff are prepared to assist your student when needed.

We hope that summer will bring opportunities to relax, get outdoors and/or do things you and your family enjoy. Do your best to stay healthy with good nutrition, rest, exercise, healthy social emotional interactions, that will go a long way towards good health.

Dotsie Bennett, RN Martha Covrig, RN

District Nurse District Nurse

Highland, Lincoln, Riverside Allen Dale, Parkside, Redwood,

North MS, Grants Pass HS South MS, Grants Pass HS

Grants Pass School District #7 Grants Pass School District #7

dbennett@grantspass.k12.or.us mcovrig@grantspass.k12.or.us

541-450-8980, (cell) 541-218-1762, (cell)
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The Promise and Peril of Social Media and Cell Phones

Social Media and Cell Phones

For some families, a cell phone is a rite of passage, and a necessity. Parents see it as the easiest way to keep in touch with their child toward dinner time, or a means to make sure their child isn’t abducted or assaulted. For others, it’s an easy incentive to have a student earn. After all, the charges for a SmartPhone these days can be about $720/year. No doubt, cell phones are useful. But many parents and teachers agree it’s a tremendous source of frustration for many reasons!

- In accessing social media, many teens experience depression. It stems from the (often misguided) idea that other student’s lives are more exciting or happier than theirs. The result is often jealousy and resentment. (In 2019, the World Health Organization moved to list social media addiction as a disease). https://www.theguardian.com/media/2019/mar/18/social-media-addiction-should-be-seen-as-disease-mps-say

- It can be used as a tool for bullying.

- It steals time away from face-to-face relationships with family and peers, both for texting, as well as for app gaming.

- It steals time away from homework.

- It pits some separated parents against each other when one parent allows/pays for cell phone use without respect to behavior, while the other parent uses behavior as an incentive to earn cell phone privileges.

There’s no question that cell phones have value. Math and science teachers can allow them in place of calculators; other teachers might allow students to employ them to check grades. I’ve seen GPHS students even text their peers with questions about missed assignments due to absence, or put together legitimate study groups for a class before an upcoming quiz! North Middle School staff wants to partner with you to train your child to use electronic devices and social media responsibly as an adult.

Parents are wise to consider their child’s unique personality; their students’ grades; their track record of making respectful and appropriate decisions-- and even their family finances, before making hasty decisions about cell phones.

North Middle Staffer

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NASU Info for May 2021