"What's Your Type?"

By: Shelby Poole

Mostly an "ENFJ"

ENFJ describes me in most ways. It says I'm a people person and loves to help others grow. I also love for things to stay on track and for no problems or issues to rise. If something comes up I try to quickly find a solution. If someone has a problem I'm going to help them the best I can or help them work it out and get past it. One way an ENFJ doesn't describe me is that they don't necessarily like to be left alone. I love to take time off and just have some time to myself.

Descriptions of ENFJ

  • They are huge helpers. They're always looking for someone to lend a hand to.
  • They are very well organized people that get satisfaction out of things going exactly as planned.
  • They don't push for conflict. They try to work things out.
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Common Traits

  • Social Butterflies
  • Well organized
  • Determined workers