Postwar Art

By:Shawn Burrell


Before the war, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque created a revolutionary new style of art called cubism.By them breaking three dimensional shapes into fragments and making complex patterns of angles and planes they offered a new view of reality. Cubism also help inspire surrealism later in time.

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After Picasso discovery cubism Russian artist Vasily Kandinsky created abstract art. There abstract work consisted of lines,color and shapes with no pattern or technique. This was a better way of art then cubism that Picasso had come up with,
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Paris is the home of Dada. Dada was was mostly a revolt against civilization. The work of Hans Arp and Max Ernest intended to shock and disturb middle-class viewers with their art work. It also help inspire surrealism.
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Surrealism was inspired by cubism and dada. Surrealism was a movement that attempted to portray the workings of the unconscious mind. Salvador Dali used images of melting clocks to discuss the chaotic dream state described by Freud.
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Architectures developed new styles to match an industrial,urbanized world.The Bauhaus influenced architectures by blending science and technology with design.
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