Cole- Juvenile delinquent from Minnesota who beats-up Peter and gets sent to the island by circle justice. He is nearly killed by the spirit bear, gets rescued, and comes back months later to try to change. After a while he changes but realizes that peter needs help too. Peter comes to his island, and after a few fights they get along and it helps Cole realize a lot of things about the world.

Peter- A scrawny, red haired kid, who tells the police that Cole broke into a hardware store. Cole finds out and nearly kills him. Afterwords he has serious mental and physical problems. He eventually goes to the island and learns to trust Cole.

Edwin-A middle aged Tlingit Indian who is the contact in Alaska for Cole's Circle Justice. He teaches Cole how he changed on the island years ago.

Garvey-Cole's parole officer who accompanies Cole just about everywhere except on the island. He and Cole develop a friend ship overtime.


Hot Dog- Represents life, you can do with life what you want so make it count.

Stick-The stick represented not being able to get rid of anger but, the ability to control it.

Baby Birds-They represent the mother-ship that Cole never Felt and longed for greatly.

Burning The Cabin-This represents the anger Cole had inside during the circle justice.

Circles-The represent life's cycle.

“Could it be because every part of a circle is both a beginning and an end?”Garvey asked.“And everything is one?”

This quote in my opinion completely sums up this novel's theme. Basically it says that life is a circle with no beginning or end. That every thing in life is one.

I Am Poem On Cole

  • I Am Cole Mathews
  • I Am Tough and Menacing
  • I Wonderif peter will ever forgive me
  • I Hear the ocean
  • I See the spirit bear
  • I Am Cole Mathews
  • I Pretend to be diferent animals
  • I feel happy
  • I Touch grimy sand
  • I Worry if I will survive
  • I Cry when i get beat up
  • I Am Cole Mathews
  • I Understand whta i have caused
  • I Say im sorry
  • I Dream to have a good family
  • I Try to agree with Peter
  • I hope To get off the island
  • I Am Cole Mathews