The Ebola Times

by correspondants Mora and Damoth

The Rising Pandemic

Ebola outbreaks date back to as early as July 2014 the first reported casualty of this disease was Patrick Sawyer a 40 year old Liberian. This casualties raised in days to almost 100 infected victims. NATO and the CDC began sending emergency response bio hazard units to contain the infection.

Living with Ebola

Mrs. Shiau Maknu use to walk a mile to the nearest village to work as a seamstress as the outbreak occurred she was laid off and forced to find a new way to feed her family of 4. Her sons had to start working as burial workers which was extremely dangerous due to the fact that working with the bodies of those who died from Ebola gives you a very high chance of getting it. This is just one way that Ebola has destroyed the lives of families. This disease has taken over 10,000 lives and has left many living even worse than before.