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Setting up your Business

Getting Your Business Started

1. What website name will you use? You get to pick your very own name. Remember, make it simple that your friends, family and even a stranger could remember. Maybe your first and last name, maybe somehtign that has to do with who you are? This is how it will look: maybe look around a little to make sure what you choose is not taken. Also your URL cannot use the following words: origami, OO, living lockets, hoot loot, tell your story.

2. Create a separate checking account for your business. This way all deposits made from your website or your parties can be separate from your other accounts. You will know who much money your are making right away!

3. Start building your team right now? You will build your team faster than you even expected by asking right away. Remember if you don't ask someone, someone else might. have them visit and hit join our team and put in your id number.

4. You can order your credit card swiper from or purchase a square at your local office supply store.

5. Get your facebook business page ready to go!

6 Join our Team Believe DIW facebook page. This has all sorts of ideas, pictures, question you might have and answers you are looking for and a great way to connect with other designers.

7. Start planning your launch party! This is one of our busiest seasons so get ready to sell lots of jewelry.

8. Get excited!! Origami Owl is the fastest growing direct sales company in the United States right now. We are the buzz of the industry, and people want our product.

Please feel free to contact me anytime and let me know if there is anything you need.

Big Hugs,


Lead Designer or 480-516-2140!