Jaden Beaugard - (Period 8)

Indirect Characterization

Appearance- He normally is a nice person to Frank and Joe even though they can be mean to him sometimes. He is actually nice to most people. He has a nice personality and gets confused with a lot of things.

Actions- Charlie goes to school to learn and is getting smarter by writing Progress Report across the top of it. He now goes to work and goes out with his friends. He generally understands the things that they do but does not understand why the laugh at him when he dances.

Words- Some things that Charlie say are:

-When will he become smart

-How does Algernon get so smart

Thoughts/Feelings- He thinks that is he is still dumb. He believes that he is starting to become smart but is still dumb. He doesn't think that any of the surgeries will help.

Relationships- with Ms. Kinnian he is in a good relationship with her and thinks that she is beautiful. Joe and Frank are supposed to be really good friends with him but they are sometimes being bullies to him because he doesn't understand a lot of things sand why they do it.

Direct Characterization

Appearance- He is tall and 37 years old with dark bushy hair with blue eyes.

Actions- Goes to work and goes to school. Attempts to learn and tries to get smarter.

Words- Again why can't I get smarter. Why is Algernon so smart? I can't do this, I can't do that.

Thoughts and Feelings- I am dumb. I am not smart. Algernon is smarter than I am.

Relationships- Ms. Kinnian: Teacher, and is Charlie's favortite lover

Dr. Strauss- He does not understand him