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10 Rules for a Utopian Society

1. everyone will contribute the same amount of effort in the society regardless of their jobs

2. community will make decisions as a whole

3.everyone will be treated equally regardless of race or religion

4. firearms of any kind for civilian use is prohibited

5. citizens are allowed their own privacy

6. citizens must check in with their group leaders on their intentions and progress

7. Sunday is a day of rest in which no one is forced to work

8. everyone has the freedom to be/do whatever career they chose

9. there will be no taxes or excessive fines

10. those who break the rules will be kicked out of the society

Blog Post: Ideals of freedom

As a citizen of the United States of America I get to enjoy certain unalienable rights. For example I have the freedom of speech, freedom to assembly and many others. The list goes on and on of course but the freedom I enjoy the most is not one stated in the U.S. Constitution. I enjoy the freedom to make choices. Because of this freedom, I get to be unique and myself. It allows me to have a personality and to have beliefs that often clash with others. It is because of these rights that I get to be the person I am today. Without them I fear this happiness that I choose to feel would not exist. A civilization where freedoms are not balanced is a place I would not want to live. Everyone would be told exactly what to do, what to be and even how to think. The concept of individuality wouldn’t even exist; the even thought of uniqueness would be covered in pounds of brainwash. Each person would be a clone of a thoughtless being. The reason I refuse to use the word human is because no one who have emotions, which are what make someone human. Emotions such as grief, bliss, despair, felicity and others are what gives someone their character. In this society, even the concept of joy could not be expressed. Plus, the daily routine would always be the same. You wouldn’t have event eh basic freedom to get up when you wanted. You would be told what to eat, when to eat, whom to talk to, whom you should like, etc. And even if you didn’t like something you wouldn’t know because the government would constantly be shoving brainwash down your throat through propaganda. In the end, the government ultimately wipes the slate of humanity until nothing is left.

A New Ending for a Chapter

Chapter 5:

Winston could feel her eyes locked on the back of his head. Every time he inhaled he could feel her suspicion increase as did his heart rate. His ears started to ring at the loud beats of his heart. He wondered if she too heard them. Deeply exhaling, he glanced over his shoulder and locked eyes with the girl. She held his gaze forcing him to turn away. He then understood. She was one of them. She was part of the thought police. His anxiety shot through his calm center. He could feel the beads of sweat began to form on this upper brow. His lips began to quiver. A sense of fear came over his body. What if his journal had been found? What if the telescreen could see him writing in it? What if he had said something in his sleep? All of this could just be the government toying with his mind so that he ultimately turns himself in.

He had never been to the Ministry of Love. He feared though that he would be locked up within the next three days or maybe even hours. In the next minute even, officers could come in and escort him out. He would be hung in front of his comrades for committing the worst crime of all, thought crime. His life began to flash before his eyes. He saw old London, he saw the proles, the journal and a set of eyes. Staring. Lurking. They were the eyes of big brother. More than ever he could sense him. It was as if Big Brother himself was coming after him.

Just then he heard the loud buzzing noise come from the telescreen. This was the signal for everyone to return to work which meant that the girl would have to leave. But he still was not safe. Eyes were everywhere, and the never stopped watching.

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Cast List: Actors & Actresses

1.) For the role of Winston Smith, I would choose Gary Oldman. I would choose him because he looks old enough for the role and has a wise charisma about him. Also, he is British so his accent will incorporate to the movie since it is set in London.

2.) Next, for the role of Mr. Charrington I cast Brendan Gleeson. I feel that he is a very friendly person and easy to approach. On top of that, he has played several serious roles in the past that can greatly help him with relating to his character.
3.)Anthony Hopkins I decided would play O’Brien. A big reason why was because in the book, O’Brien’s eyes are a key piece in the theme of the book. And since Hopkins has such pretty blue eyes that are very noticeable, he fits the bill for O’Brien.

4.) Lastly, I would cast Kaya Scodelario for Julia. She is young and pale, which means she fits the description of Julia. Also she seems like she could have rebel-like qualities.