Think Outside the Pill Box!

Essential Oils and Wellness!

Is this our only option?

What if there was a way to naturally support your body and eliminate the need for synthetic formulas? For thousands of years essential oils were considered some of the most treasured of gifts, renowned for their healing and wellness properties. Was there ever the thought that these amazing components in their natural form may offer an even more potent solution? Come and discover the POWER that these NATURAL GIFTS have for our health!

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 from 6:30-8:30 pm

Alternative Health Care of Dublin
3663 Snouffer Road ( off Sawmill S of I-270)
Columbus, OH 43235

Class is FREE! Invite Guests and RSVP for a free wild orange oil and doTERRA Living Magazine!

During this class, we will discuss the different uses of essential oils as a first line of natural defense for your family’s everyday wellness needs. Lifestyle suggestions as well as the big picture of wellness will also be discussed as a means of addressing root causes and going beyond the symptoms. You will get to smell, touch and taste and feel the immediate effects of these certified, pure, therapeutic grade oils throughout the class!

Susan Purdy, RN, IBCLC

"I started using essential oils before I retired from Ohio State and have been delighted with how they work SO fast and are so safe, even for tiny babies! " My own back issues drove me to look for natural avenues of therapy, and I could not be more excited to share with YOU an alternative that really works, is safer, more effective and less expensive than options our current health care system typically offers!"

Lori Vaas

Lori is a music teacher and oboe player and she has also retired from music education and now teaches about essential oils full time with doTERRA. She has a passion for people and loves to share about success stories and how these have changed lives.

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