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6 word memoir

*How come blue can't be happy?


1. Respect others & be kind.
2. Take care of yourself before you take care of others.
3. Take breaks if needed!

4. Remember everyone has an important worth, just as you do.

5. Eat 3 meals a day if you can, and drink water.

6. Try to donate and help others if possible (see #2 first).

7. Talk to others/authorities if people are mean to you or anyone else, or if you are suspected of being mean (so that it can be discussed and dealt with in the best possible manner!)

8. Take out your anger in positive ways.

9. Work hard when you can!

10. Go outside at least once a day.

**Not in order of importance!

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Panel 1 }} Winston Smith: Ha, h, hah. (Breathing)

Panel 3 }} Figure [O'Brien]: We shall meet in the place where there is no DARKNESS.
Panel 5 }} Text: It was O'Brien who had spoken to [me] out of the dark.

Because of the theme of this comic, though it was stated that color needed to be neatly applied, I felt it out of place to add any colors outside of black and white. ... I'm not especially proud of this strip.

LATIBULE ; rewritten ending to P 2, C 2.

[ latibule. (n.) a hiding place; a place of safety and comfort. ]


You couldn't call it love, though it was the closest thing you could get to that these days. Fascination, derived from isolation and deprivation, perhaps. Which was good enough - Winston and Julia did not wish for the extraordinary or the unreachable, but for what was just within their reach, what was alright, substantial, okay. Their relationship was a challenge they were glad to fight for, despite the impending loss they knew was at the edge of their fingertips.

As Winston looked upon the sleeping image of Julia, he couldn't help the fear that overcame him; how he'd mistaken her for beautiful before seeing her as she was now. He would lie and say she still was, but he couldn't see it in her anymore. Yet there was still something incredibly engrossing about her: the mix of her defiance, her manipulation, her cunning. He didn't mind if she was ugly, because he felt he was ugly, as well. And how impressive it was to be so - for, as the party members were considerable brilliant, as Big Brother was supposedly the ultimate power and beauty of their world, it was a sly compliment to be ugly like so.

He didn't want to disturb her as she breathed comfortably from within a dream. For once, the act looked pleasurable instead of like a task to get done, a dreamy clip to forget about as soon as possible. Seeing her made him feel like he wasn't in Oceania anymore, but back with his family, back in that time in which his mind couldn't grasp. Her sleep empowered him. It was her who lead him here, who instigated the sensuality. But now he had the power to kill her, to wake her, to leave her, to stay. He didn't want to harm her. But he liked the idea of being able to, as he'd never had such a capable hold over anyone's life before. Would Julia feel the same, think the same thoughts? It was impure, and with a subtle, deafened realization, he realized he was impure, too. Just as he was ugly.

Sitting up abruptly, Winston felt Julia stir beside him, though she did not wake yet. His mind raced in panic for a mere second, as though he was about to be discovered by the Thought Police, even though he knew she was not a member. How hard it was to be fearless! She seemed to have mastered it, but he could not. He doubted he could ever, even if he made it out of the world with only Julia. Everything he did was a danger, a risk, a potential jailing or execution. Everything he did was a statement, a fight, a transgression. If he had the strength, he would simply commit all of the crimes he knew of, as it was just as bad as committing a single one. But he could not. Not because he obeyed and wished to obey the party, but because of the overwhelming fear. And he simply could not escape it.

Even Julia reminded him of an element of the party, and it could be because they could just met, and it could be because of his paranoia, or it could be because there simply wasn't anything not correlating with the party and Big Brother. Looping his arm around her waist was a felony. And he would commit it again.

Again and again, for her, against her, against the party, for himself, against himself, for the party. He didn't care about the political statement he made, or the fact that he was making him -- it was enough to just be doing something of his will.

And he would not stifle that, for once. Not here, not now, in the lost bliss of privacy.

A/N: Uhfghkfg I wrote this spontaneously (as usual), I hope it's O.K. I wasn't really sure which chapter ending to edit, so I just picked one recent one at random? Anyways hope you enjoyed, (peace signs) P: