Dominican Republic under Trujilio

By: Gabriel Boccalandro


Rafael Trujillo (El Jefe) ruled the Dominican Republic under a strong dictatorship from 1930 up until his assasination in 1961. His military- based rule was, and still is, considered one the bloodiest in the Americas. It is estimated that Trujillo's Era was responsible for the death of over 50,000 people. Trujillo's dictatorship also resulted in the tortures of any opposing parties, instilling a high degree of fear in every household in the Dominican Republic during his reign.
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Rise to power

Trujillo grew up and advanced through American national guard ranks before he became dictator of the Dominican Republic by conspiring with the current president to be allowed to run and then sabotaging and harassing the other candidates until he won with a 99% vote

Events during Trujilio's rule

-The city of Santo Domingo was also renamed Ciudad Trujillo (Trujillo City)

- Instituted widespread network of spies that was used to censor the press and to threaten, expel, torture or kill dissenters in orchestrated accidents or “suicides.”

-In October 1937 Trujilio ordered the massacre of an estimated 20,000 Haitians In an attempt to "whiten" the race. Punishment for the genocie amounted to an agreement in which a minuscule US$525,000 was paid to the Haitian government.

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Connection to Story

In the Time of the butterflies the story takes place under Trujilio and he is the main antagonist of the story. The sisters attempt to overthrow Trujilio and are constantly tested by the environment that they lived in which was the Dominican republic while under the rule of Trujilio. Minerva was the primary protagonist and she is the sister that Trujilio singles out the earliest and for the longest time in the span of the book.
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