By: Phillip Hyon

About Judaism

People who worship Judaism are called Jews and they call their god Adonai. They also go to a Synagogue and their spiritual leader is Rabbi. Their common Holy site is the Holy Temple and their Holy text is the TeNaCh. Their Sabbath,or belief, is to go to the Synagogue on Holy days. Their Torah contains the 5 books revealed to Moses by god on Mount Sinai. Kosher is the only food that Jews can eat. One of their mini celebrations is called Burl Bur Mitzathz in when a boy or girl become adults in the eyes of the Jewish religion. Some other celebrations are Hannukah which is like Christmas for Christains. Another one is Yom Kipper which is when the fasting stops and they have a big celebration. Rosh Hanshanah is like new years and fasting starts.

Common Figure for the rest of the religions (Islam, Christianity)

Abraham founded all the 3 religions and all of them are monotheistic.