Let's Get Qrazy with QR Codes

Technology Integration

Scavenger Hunt

Please scan one of the five QR Codes hanging around the room and find a seat at a table.


Station Activity

QR codes can be used for station activities and to give you an idea of what these would look like, refer to the content folders on your table.

QR Cube

Roll the cube and scan the QR code on top.

QR Story Cube Template

Download the template and then you will be able to replace the QR Codes with your own.

Ways to use QR Codes:

  • Warm ups
  • Mastery Checks
  • Self Checks
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Writing Prompts
  • Math Problems
  • Book Trailer
  • Link out to websites
  • Link to student created projects
  • Link to pictures, audio, or videos
  • Use as a matching game QR Matching Template

Goo.gl URL Shortener

Use this tool to make quick and easy qr codes for your google drive.