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Let's finish SHILOH Strong!!!

Something to THIS next week ...

Take one positive experience from the past 24 hours and spend two minutes writing down every detail about that experience. As you remember it, your brain labels it as meaningful.
Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

Free or Inexpensive Rewards for Middle School Students

Consider these strategies to motivate students:

  1. Be a helper in another classroom
  2. Be featured on a photo recognition board
  3. Be recognized during announcements
  4. Be the first one in the lunch line
  5. Be the leader of a class game
  6. Be the line leader or the caboose
  7. Be the teacher's helper for the day
  8. Choose a book for the teacher to read aloud to the class
  9. Choose any class job for the week
  10. Choose music for the class to hear


Let's recognize and praise students who are doing it daily ...

As we begin to wrap up the 2015-2016 SY, please continue to follow the PBIS matrix and make sure that your students are exhibiting PRIDE.

It is the EXPECTATION that:

P - Students are PREPARED to participate in your lessons from bell to bell. Make sure that students are academically focused once they enter your class.

R- Students must RESPECT each other. Encourage students to use positive words to each other. RESPECT the classroom expectations you have set forth by practicing with them daily. Do not forget that "practice makes perfect".

I - Students must show INTEGRITY. Remind your students to perform at their best daily, keep their hands and their feet to themselves, and to be positive role models to each other.

D - Students should be DISCIPLINED and make it a practice to complete assignments, assessments and make sure that that are taking advantage of tutoring as needed.

E - Continue to create lessons that will ENGAGE students to learn (without knowing they are learning). Do not forget to incorporate technology and to model and practice (I do, We do, You, do).

Provide multiples times during the month of May to review PBIS, inform students of YOUR classroom expectations and provide them with an opportunity to practice.


7th Grade Luncheon

Thursday, May 26th, 11:30am-12:30pm

Yakiniku Japanese Steakhouse (Kroger Shopping Plaza)

What an amazing year!! We created memories with students and with each other! We laughed, lived and loved! Let's celebrate as we head into Summer break as a family. Please click on the website for more information about the menu:

Upcoming Dates to Remember ....

May 9 = End of the Year Checklist Starts Today

May 12 = Grade Level Meeting

May 13 = SMS Walk and Talk

May 16 = May 19 = GCPS District Post Tests

May 20 = 8th Grade Carnival

May 24 = 7th Grade Awards Ceremony - 6:30PM or 6:45PM

May 25 = Last Day for Students

May 26 = 7th Grade Luncheon

May 27 = Last Day for Teachers