Single Person in Control

Dictatorship is...

Dictatorship is when a single person or group exercises supreme power based on its control of the military and police. Dictators tend to resort to force or fraud to gain political power. They maintain this power through the use of intimidation and terror. Individual liberty is noticeable by its absence. Dictatorship emphasizes duties hierarchy and lays stress on the state, which is normally established into a totalitarian state.

Here are some examples of dictators...

Pro's and Con's


Faster form of government

A lot of progression goes towards a cause

No argument in the government

There is no one to contradict your choices

The leader has full control and ultimate power


Power can be used to abuse citizens who oppose the dictator

Dictators face serious legitimacy problems

Loss of freedom for citizens

The dictator may choose to keep the wealth of the country to himself while the quality of life of entire population suffers.