SPS Wellness Plan

Premoting Healthy People 2020

What's Our Goal?

Our goals are to promote student health, reduce student overweight/obesity, facilitate student learning of lifelong healthy habits, and increase student achievement.

How Will We Achieve Our Goals?

One way we will meet our goal is by having strict nutritional guidelines. For example all snack items must contain 200 or less calories and entree items must contain 350 or less calories.

We are also taking action to regulate rewards at parties and celebrations so that sugary drinks and foods are encouraged.

Nutrition Education

We hope to provide every child with the proper education to make healthy decisions.

Some ways we will promote this is by programs such as ACE and FUEL.
ACE is a mascot program for elementary students that communicates the important of good nutrition and physical activity.
FUEL is program that tries to make lunch fun and relevant to secondary students.

We Hope You Will Suprort The New SPS Wellness Plan!