Reinforcement in the media

By: Lauren Nance and Laura Jordan

Lucky cigarettes

The reinforcement in this ad is that it is leading you to think that if you buy and use these cigarettes then it will make you skinnier because if you smoke them then you wont crave sweets. The expected outcome for the people who bought them was that they would be skinny and look like the girl on the ad but the actual outcome would probably not do that.
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Clearasil acne cream

The expected outcome of this product would be for you to have clear, smooth, healthy looking skin. The outcome that people might feel from this would be negative or positive, depending on how the product worked for you. You could have heard from someone that it didn't work so then they tried it and had it printed that it wouldn't work for them or vice versa.

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J14 Magazine

The goal of this would be to keep up with the latest trends of today’s pop stars and what's considered the ‘best’ They have a ‘hottest girl” and “hottest guy” category where tweens vote for their favorite each week. The outcome for tween or teenagers reading this would most likely be negative, looking at the latest trends of clothing and seeing all the photoshopped not to mention mostly skinny, tan celebrities would make one feel start to feel self-conscious about one's own body image.

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Maybelline Makeup

Outcome of this company’s product is to make women feel beautiful while using it. To healthy radiant, younger looking you in certain makeup products they sell. The view from the buyers prescriptive might be I need this to look pretty or without Maybelline makeup on, I don’t get as much attention as I do as when I wear it. I’m beautiful and confident with this makeup on. That may not be the case, but thats how I feel ads on tv are nowadays.
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Motorcycle ad

The reinforcement in this ad is the fact that the people who see this ad are going to think that if they buy that motorcycle then they are going to get a girl like the girl in the ad. Companies play that card a lot because in our society sex sells. When in actuality the people who buy the motorcycle are going to be exactly the same as before.
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