19th Century : Justin

Abolitionist Movement

When : 1820's

What : Movement to free African Americans from slavery

Who: The Leader of this movement was a white radical named William Lloyd Garrison. He was an abolitionist who called for immediate emancipation of all slaves. Frederick Douglas was a freed slave who helped by making a news paper called "The Northstar".

Women and Reform

When : Throughout 1800's, 1833 Oberlin College becomes first Co-ed College.

What: Oppertunity for women to become educated increased. A group of more than 300 women met in Seneca Falls, N.Y

Who : The movement was lead by Elizabth Cady Stanton, and Lucretia Matt

Temperance Movement

When : Throughout 1800's

What : Movement to reduce the use of alcoholic beverages due to the connection between alcohol and Sickness, poverty, and breaking up families.

Who: Mostly Women were involved with this movement

Prision reform

When : 1831

What : Movement to make separate facilities for prisons and the mentally ill.

Who : Dorthea Dix was the greatest reformer for prisoners and the mentally ill

Education Reform

When : Throughout 1800's. 1st public university was UNC Chapel Hill 1795

What : Reformers wanted to improve public schools because there were few schools with attendance requirements and schools weren't divided by grade level. It established teacher training programs, Improved curriculum, and doubled the money Massachusetts spent on schools.

Who : Greatest reformer was Horace Mann