Desertification in Nigeria is a problem that MUST BE STOPPED

Desertification in Nigeria

Desertification is a very serious problem. It can occurr when trees and plants are cut down, which creates poor soil quality that isn't held together by the plants. The main causes, though, are human mismanagement, overgrazing, overcultivation, deforestation, and over irrigation. If the land is only desert, then food can't grow causing animals and humans to die. Over the years, this has been an environmental issue in Nigeria, so all of us here at the Saving Africa Foundation are here to help find a solution!


Saving Africa Foundation (SAF)

All of the members of SAF know that there are so many environmental problems for people and animals in the African countries. We want to do all we can to help these things improve! You can get involved by donating money to our "Hug the Trees of Africa" program online. Another grreat way to get involved is by going on one of our trips his year too go plant in Nigeria to expand the area of trees and grass. Go to our website to learn more about our programs, donating, and volunteer opportunities at