John Legend



  • Growing up, he was taught to play piano by his grandmother, and he also loved singing in church choirs
  • He grew up to work in a Boston Consulting Group, but he still decided to sing in night clubs
  • He has now become famous because of his singing, and has sung with different artist like Alicia Keys, Twista and Janet Jackson
  • He has done so great that he has won a Golden Globe, for best original song with Common


"Experience is a great teacher."


John and Common's song "Glory" has sold more than 28,000 copies, and seems to still be rising


He is a great person, he went from being a kid who just sang and played the piano, to a man that is famous because of his talent. Like most of the other artist, but he wrote a song that inspired many people to not take people as less, but to take them as one of them. John has helped many people to be the right person they were supposed to be.
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