Colleyville Heritage Band

Week of 7/17 - 7/23

Happy Saturday!

We are excited to welcome back our Leaders, Percussion, and Diamonds this week. They are taking the next step in preparation for our fall semester performances of Spark!

Remember, the rest of the Band returns on the 26th at 7:30AM at HES. Get your UIL physical done, get your supplies organized, hydrate, and get outside to get used to the heat!

Now is the time to prepare, musically, mentally, and physically. Only you can do that! Let’s go!

Week’s Schedules (July 19-July 24)

  • HES open for Student Led Sectionals, All Region Jazz Masterclasses, Private Lessons, Etc. - Noon to 5:30PM
  • Leadership Camp - 8AM to 3PM
  • Percussion and Colorguard Camp - 8AM to 5PM
  • Sounds of Summer Rehearsal #4 at HES - 6:00 to 8:00PM

  • Leadership Camp - 8AM to 3PM
  • Percussion and Colorguard Camp - 8AM to 5PM

  • Percussion and Colorguard Camp - 8AM to 5PM

  • Percussion and Colorguard Camp - 8AM to 5PM
  • Directors to TBA Convention in San Antonio

  • Percussion and Colorguard Camp - 8AM to 5PM
  • Directors to TBA Convention in San Antonio


  • Directors to TBA Convention in San Antonio

Week’s Schedule (July 26-30)

Monday - Friday:
  • Summer Band Camp - 7:30AM to 4:00PM at HES
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Summer Band

Summer Band Reminders

Required for ALL CHHS Band Members!

Week 1 Macro Goals

  • Fun, Fellowship, and SUPERIOR Work
  • Review Visual Technique
  • Review / Learn Music for Football Games and Spark!
  • Audition for Varsity Marching Spots (Brass and Woodwinds)
  • Learn the Drill Team Sequence and Spirit Show!

General Schedule

  • Visual Outdoors - 7:30AM to 11:00AM
  • Lunch (Not Provided) - 11:00AM to 12:30PM
  • Music Indoors - 12:30PM to 4:00PM
  • Locations and format subject to change as needed for the curriculum!

General Supplies

  • All instruments and performance supplies
  • Black binder and music
  • Flip folder
  • Pencil
  • Water jug
  • Athletic shoes and shorts
  • WHITE T-Shirts (Brass, Woodwind, and Percussion)
  • Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • Completed physical
  • Open mind and smile
  • Diamonds - Always check with Dr. Godoy!

Physicals - GET THIS DONE - Part 1

ALL students will need an up to date physical on file by the time band camp starts in late July! Make it happen so we can avoid awkward conversations or modified participation!

GCISD / UIL Forms - GET THIS DONE - Part 2

Same as physicals, we need to have these forms completed ASAP!


Upload Forms Here:


1. Download all forms from the band website onto your computer.
2. Once downloaded, the forms become fillable PDF files. Fill them out electronically with a parent.
3. SAVE each file as a PDF ("print-save as PDF") -
4. Upload the signed forms below.
******Make sure you upload the correct form for each question******

The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form

Marching Band Resources

Use our YouTube Channel to review all the marching techniques you’ve learned this week! Your reference video of the Varsity audition is posted!

TMEA All State Etudes

The TMEA All State etudes are posted on Learning and auditioning with these college level etudes are a huge part of our curriculum in the CHHS Band.

Slow and Steady. Clean and Clear. Happy Practicing!


MAJOR dates for the ENTIRE 2021-2022 school year have been entered into the band calendar. We hope this helps with planning. Please understand these dates could be “subject to change.”

If you’re an overachiever, some 2022 dates have also been “blocked off” for your future planning purposes!

Quote of the Week

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Happy Birthday!

Please join us in saying Happy Birthday this month to:

- Joshua Park (7/3)

- Kathleen Bulger (7/5)

- Karter Register (7/7)

- Abbie Ha (7/10)

- Ish Naik (7/10)

- Kate Jones (7/17)

- Ben Drummond (7/20)

- Kaleigh Zagala (7/20)

- Wyatt Hickson (7/24)

- Holly Thorsell (7/27)

- Lola O'Leary (7/29)

- Brett Moore (7/30)

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