First Day!!!

Welcome to Blended AP World History (aka WHAP)!

Link to this flyer:

*I would bookmark this now!
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BEFORE you sit down!

Please do the following:

1. Put your bags in the back of the class on the shelves; all you need out is something to write with and a device (iPad or laptop).

2. Pick up one copy of the Course Policy (last page needs to be signed and returned TOMORROW!)

Google Form

Get to Know You Form

Get out a device and go to the following web address:

Please complete the Google Form. I know some of the questions are a little weird but I do have a reason for asking them! Be Creative and give me your best answers.


Fun with People Bingo

People Bingo

You will each be given a people bingo sheet. Your mission is to have a different person name in each of the 25 boxes.


1. The person's name in the box has to fit! (yes we will be checking)

2. You must use a different person in each box

***First person to correctly fill each space is the winner and will receive a prize!***

Things we need to discuss

Note Taking: It's ALL about the Themes and Historical Periods!!!

When you take notes at home, you will make a copy of the note template I created for you over each period. You will take notes over the chapter objectives and organize those notes under the historical themes provided in the template. See the Period One folder in schoology for an example.

Class Communication: Remind 101

Occasionally I will send out information, updates, and reminders for our course through Remind 101. So get your cell phones out (just this once) and follow these instructions:

You will text your class code to this number: 81010

Class Codes:

1st Period: “@shropshire”

2nd Period: “@whapper2”

4th Period: “@apwhp4”

5th Period: “@whapper5”

6th Period: “@apwhp6”

7th Period: “@whapper7”


You must bring your iPad charged everyday. Besides that, all I require is that you bring a box of blue/black pens and a yellow legal pad; try to bring this by the end of the week. Make sure you yellow legal pad is the standard 8 1/2 by 11.
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Bags, bags, bags

As you enter our class everyday, please place ALL bags (purses, backpacks, etc.) on the shelves at the back of the room. You should only have your iPad or other instructional materials at your desk. Phones should be left in your bags at all times.

Context Activity

Has anyone ever said something to you completely random and it was confusing what they were talking about?

If you understood the context of what that person was talking about, that random thing they just said would have made sense. This course is all about putting stuff in context. After all, how do we know if anything is important unless we compare it to something else or look at it's effects from a big picture perspective.

You should each have a notecard with a "random" piece of information. The information on your card is either the "big picture" information or a more specific fact. Your job is to search out and find the other person in the room with the information that will give context to your information.

Homework for the First Week!

Monday Night

1. Get your Course Description Signed and turn in Tuesday

2. Take notes over chapter objectives 1&2 for ch6.

Link to a scanned copy of chapter 6:

Link the chapter objectives:

Link to the note template for Period 2 (Classical Age):

Tuesday Night

In Class:

Period 1 Note Template:

Period 1 Notes:

Key Vocab Game:


1. Get Course Description signed and turned in! (if you have not already)

2. Take notes over objectives 3, 4, and 5 in chapter 6.

Wednesday Night

1. Take notes over chapter objective 1 for ch9.

Link to a scanned copy of chapter 9:

Thursday Night

1. Take notes over chapter objectives 2&3 for ch9.

Friday Night

1. Take notes over chapter objectives 4&5 for ch9.