Task 3

Discuss the potential barriers to effective communication

Background Noise

The background noises can affect a work place in a bad way, when employee is working if there are some people are talking behind him they cause their co-workers to loose their focus and sometimes they can also ruined the workplace environment which means that very little work is being done.


The distractions can happen at any time, for example when someone gets a phone call inside a presentation, and the phone's ringtone can affect the focus of the audience and ruin the person’s mood, and if that happens that the person who is doing the presentation can mess up his presentation. second example is someone comes in late during a meeting it can distract the person who is presenting his presentation.

Lack Of Concentration

The lack of concentration cave affect on someone's work,some one can loose their concentration if some of his/her friends are having a conversation the person is going to concentration in the conversation instead of their work.

Cultural Difference

People with different cultural backgrounds look at some things differently than you, for example how they talk with their co-worker work in the work place, to you it might be nothing but to them it can have whole other meaning, or when to say high, in some country they bow their heads and in others they shake their hands, everything has a meaning in other countries, that why you should always be careful.

Physical Barriers

Physical barriers- can affect someone in the work place for example if someone might disabled and thy are on a wheel chair if their is only few wheel chair access points this limits the persons movement because it is going to take them time to move from one place to another.so you should always be considerate to others

How to prevent

One of the way you can prevent this is to learn the cultural background of your co-workers and and greet them the appropriate way, and when you are in a meeting establish an eye contact with people your talking to because it will make feel apart of the team .