How Ants Live

By: Sydney Rush

Ants are.....

Ants are very strong and they are just little teeny, tiny ants. They are very protective to the queen because the queen needs to lay eggs. They even need to protect the kid ants. In this article you will learn how ants live, eat, and work.

What They Eat

Ants do not eat leaves, they eat fungus. Leafcutter ants harvest leaves and take them to the nest to make fungus. In this process, they thin jungle overgrowth and return mulch from the crushed leaves to the soil. Ants use their jaws like a saw. Ants can carry the leaves back home and so they can make fungus for the ants.


Most ants build their homes underground. Ants pack dirt with their saliva to form bricks. They pack little bricks together to reinforce the tunnels. Ants carry dirt outside with their mandibles, gradually forms an anthill. Ants dig by scooping dirt with their mandibles, (jaws).They carry excess (dirt) outside with mandibles, gradually forming anthill. The little nests only have one chamber and they are inches below the surface. The big nests have a lot of chambers and they can be twenty feet. Nests provide shelter from weather and a safe environment for the queen to lay eggs. Often ants nests are beneath a rock or log.

What they need for nests

Some ants connect their anthills to food sources by system of ant trails. Unlike scent trails, which are invisible, these trails can be easily seen. Construction crews remove grass and twigs to form paths to six inches wide that may stretch over six hundred feet. When food is plentiful, a thousand ants per foot crowd the trail. Established ant colonies may travel over the same grass root highways for many years.

What they weight.

Did you know that ants sleep standing up? Wow, I can't do that! I can't even stand up that long. They sleep 250 times per day. Wow! The ants nap at least 5 hours a day every day during their whole life.