Trip To Kalahari

For Bentley Middle School

How we can get this started?

Bentley can start having small fundraisers throughout winter and spring. Also we can find sponsors to help us raise money, we could use the money people pay to get into the games. Also we could have a Dodge Ball game to help pay for the trip.

Who would be going?

If we raised enough money we could take the whole middle school. But we will also have rules to how you can go. You are not aloud to get more than 6 pink slips or 3 red slips. within the 4 months before the trip. Or you will have to stay behind with one of the chosen teachers.
We would be going on may 27th, and most likely staying the night in ohio, but that has not been discussed. 1 chaperon would be needed for 4 kids. And we would need about 6-7 buses to transport us to place to place.

1st bake sale!

Monday, Jan. 4th 2016 at 5pm

1150 North Belsay Road

Burton, MI

Come and buy some bake goods and help us raise money!!!
Any donations help!!!!! Adults are needed to supervise and help with bake sale, and chaperons will be needed for the trip. SO stop by and help us pay or help us with our needed help. We will really appreciate it!!
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