Cost of pursuing a dream:


What is the cost of pursuing a dream? Values/Morals

There are many answers that work for the question, "What is the cost of pursuing a dream?" and values is definitely one of them. When people pursue what they want and try to accomplish a dream they almost all end up losing their moral values and what they stand for in life. Throughout the novel The Great Gatsby, the movie Inside Job, Singer Miley Cyrus, Television show Grey's Anatomy, and speech "Greed is Good" values change as the people try to pursue their dream. All of these 5 sources wanted to pursue the "American dream" of working hard to earn their money and high social status.

The cost of their Vaues for Money

Did Jay Gatsby achieve the American Dream, and was it worth it to him? In some way yes. From his Parties at his huge maansion to the nice cars he drove he did in fact reach the money aspect of the American Dream. However, this dream was not achieved through the hours upon hours of hard work, it was achieved through the purchase of "side-street drug-stores", selling "grain alcohol over the counter" (Fitzgerald 133).

Miley Cyrus, one of the most talked about celebrity of 2013, has in fact achieved the American Dream. By making millions of dollars and attaining worldwide fame, she has become a global pop sensation all over the nation and even the world. However she isn't seen as the innocent teenager that was portrayed in the TV show Hannah Montana, but rather knowing for her "twerking" skills and scandalous clothing. She has given up on trying to be a good influence for her fans all in an effort to achieve the American Dream and make millions which is exactly what she is doing.

Frederic Mishkin, a professor at Columbia Business School, one of the main interviewee's of the documentary interviews multiple people digging for truth. The very beginning of the documentary discusses the poor conditions of Iceland's economy, which, Mishkin wrote a paper about. The title of the paper ironically was named "Financial Stability in Iceland" when the documentary suggested that Iceland was in the midst of economic crisis.

"Frederic Mishkin was paid $124,000 by the Icelandic Chamber of Commerce to write this paper" (Inside Job).

In all three of these cases they all technically achieved the American Dream of making lots of money but all of them lost their moral values with it. Values of purity, honesty, and dignity were all lost between these three. Gatsby selling illegal things, Miley transforming not caring anymore about being a good role model, and Mishkin providing countless false statements all for money. Is/was it worth it? To them maybe but to most outside viewers no.

Greys Anatomy - Ordinary/What Happened to Me (Meredith Grey).avi

Grey's Anatomy

In television drama Grey's Anatomy, Main charcter Meredith Grey was raised by a mother who wanted to reach the American Dream of being the best at what she does and making loads of money, which she ended up achieving. In the end she lost just about everyone's respect including her daughters. This video clips shows how Meredith's mother wanted her to be exactly like she was when she was a doctor, focused and the best out there. When she finds out Meredith is nothing like her and wants more to life then money she is incredibly disappointed. Meredith's mother lost her value of cherishing family and love.

"Greed is good"

“I appreciate the opportunity you're giving me, Mr. Cromwell, as the single largest shareholder in Teldar Paper, to speak... I am not a destroyer of companies. I am a liberator of them... The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed -- for lack of a better word -- is good. Greed is right. Greed works... Greed, in all of its forms -- greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge -- has marked the upward surge of mankind.” -Gordon Gekko

To some greed is good and maybe it has the potential to save the United States from crumbling, but that doesn't make it morally okay or acceptable. Greed has not and never will be moral. Though having unmoral values, it is what is required to achieve the American Dream in the words of Gekko.

Gordon Gekko "Greed is Good" Full Speech *read the description*


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